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Evergreens Infra Vayuputra is the dream property you’ve been waiting for.With its clean and contemporary design along with sprawling landscaped spaces, this project hosts premium
villas and individual houses started in the year 2022. This gated community project is located just off Bandar road in a serene corner of Davuluru, Vijayawada.
Bearing the impeccable stamp of Evergreens Infra quality, these premium villas and
individual houses offer world class amenities like a plantation, an elderly activity zone, an outdoor children's play area, and many more making it the perfect place for your family. Evergreens Infra is a classic example of exquisitely designed traditional architecture, featuring an elaborately done exterior, high ceiling rooms that echo the contours of elegantly carved out windows. Set in a vibrant community, which is airy, spacious and yet in the midst of a bustling city hub, the gated community assures safety and privacy.

Our Work Process
How we start

We believe selling a property should be a fast, breezy, relaxing process. And we do
everything possible to ensure you own your land in the quickest time possible without any
hassles and stress.



Site Visit

Firstly, we visit the land and check whether the aminities and other sources. Then we will
invest in the land.


Project Planning

Our team of experts will develop a plan as per the insights and inserting all the necessary


Construction Phase

After planning, our professionals construct the property as per the requirement and make it
available for sale.

Location Map

Location Highlights

Best in-class facilities

Nestled in a lush green setting, these premium villas and individual homes are designed to
appeal to your personal taste and offer an exclusive and premium lifestyle. It is conveniently
close to the busy Bandar Road, Davuluru of Vijayawada, and the idyllic greens surround one
with a feeling of bliss.


Layout Map

Project Highlights

CRDA/VGTM layout

Compound wall


40 feet BT roads

Electricity and drinking water line

Children park

Entrance arch with gate

Drainage facility

100% Vasthu

Project Features

Gated Communities With Fine Features

Perfect for growing families, the property features various facilities, designed to maximize
natural day light and air circulation in the rooms. ​All of this makes Evergreens Infrs is an
ideal mix of the old world charm with a modern touch, making you feel at home.

What We Offer
Our Other Projects



Project Kohinoor

Surrounded by nature and open plots at Evergreens Infra Kohinoor is mindfully designed to elevate the human spirit, naturally. 


Up Coming Projects

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